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Whether your business is looking to start something new or strengthen your multimedia strategy, Custom Content is a high impact way to connect with an engaged audience. Your content is integrated with our news content, and displayed in a highly visible location. That means your story will be seen by people actively consuming news stories and therefore open to learning about your product, service or business.

Custom Content Highlights:

  • You control the content that is created to establish your business as an expert in your industry.
  • The content is embedded along with top news stories and clearly labeled to the consumer as “Sponsored Content” making it well marked and differentiated from news stories, yet seamlessly integrated.
  • It is located in a high traffic area on the page for maximum impact.

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Custom Content | Digital Solutions |

80% of Consumers
Prefer Custom, Original Content

Custom Content | Digital Solutions | GateHouseNE.comsource: hubspot

Content Marketing Makes 70% of Consumers
Feel Closer to a Company

Custom Content | Digital Solutions | GateHouseNE.comsource: DemandMetric

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