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Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) solution is built to put your business at the top of a search engine results page when consumers are searching for products and services like yours. We have experts trained to optimize your campaign, adjust your message for the most effective keywords, and ultimately increase traffic to your site to turn those searches into sales.

Our Search Engine Marketing Campaigns Include:

  • A quick set up. 
  • Landing page designed for customer conversions will be built.
  • Instant lead alerts via email and SMS.
  • Your ads placed on the top search engines.
  • Free call tracking.
  • Access to 24/7 online dashboard to track results.

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71% of Searches Resulted in
a Page One Google Click

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81% of Customers Research Products
Online Before Visiting a Store

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Let our experts build a campaign to get your business on page one of search engine results. Our strategies use pay-per-click ads, organic results, and accurate map listings to have your business rise to the top of search queries and drive the right customers to your business. We take the following steps for this to happen:

  • Customers are approached at multiple points in the buying process.
  • You are included on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Using geo-location, your business targets local customers.

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Call Tracking

With more than half of digital searches taking place on smartphones, you need a way to track which search engine sent consumers to your business.

Call tracking allows you to monitor, in real-time, the calls that you receive from SEM campaigns. We will assign a tracking phone number to your account and have it forwarded to your business line. Call tracking also includes an option to record the calls. You'll have access to recordings and the full analytical results for each call.

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