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Build a Smarter Website

Total Website Plus

With web users accessing websites across a variety of devices it is critical that your website can adapt to any of those devices. Our expert web developers can quickly and easily build an SEO-friendly website that automatically adjusts the size and resolution for every device, and connects you to people searching for your business.

Our award-winning solution provides marketing suggestions, a central place to carry them out, and the data to measure your results—all in one convenient location.

Our Total Website Plus Solution Offers:

  • A central platform to update website content across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Access to a customized content management system (CMS).
  • Call-to-action buttons to connect with customers
  • Lead capture forms

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Total Website Plus | Website Design | ThriveHive Services |
Mobile Website Design | Website Design | ThriveHive Services |

Mobile Website Design

Consumers on-the-go search for businesses on their smartphones more than ever, but will they find your business?

With our Mobile Website Design solution you can make sure they find you. We’ll help you build a site that is optimized for mobile searches, provides a better user experience, and generates more business.

Our Mobile Website Design Solution Offers:

  • An improved user experience with click-to-call or click-to-email functionality.
  • Ongoing customer support and maintenance.
  • The ability to include social media, search integration, contact forms, and more on your mobile site.

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48% of People Say a Website is the
Number One Factor in Deciding Credibility

Mobile Website Design | Website Design | ThriveHive Services |
source: blue corona

Our Brain Processes Images 60,000x
Faster than Language

Mobile Website Design | Website Design | ThriveHive Services | GatehouseNE.comsource: 3M Visual Systems Division

Live Chat Leads

Connect Web Visitors To A Live Person

Our Live Chat solution enables your business to communicate with web visitors any time of day. Customer service representatives will engage with your customers online and in real-time, answering questions they have. In turn, this quick and convenient engagement will convert these visitors into leads.

Live Chat Leads Features:

  • Pay-for-performance pricing.
  • Real-time leads and monthly reports delivered via email.
  • Seamless connect-to-call option.
  • The ability to customize live chat to remain consistent with your brand.
  • Customize a script that representatives will use to convert callers to customers.

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Live Chat | Website Design | ThriveHive Services |
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Logo Creation

Build Brand Recognition With A Professional Logo

Help your business become more credible and visible to potential customers with our professional Logo Creation. We will work with you to design a logo that creates brand recognition for your business, and helps your business stand out from your competitors.

Logo Creation Features:

  • Choose a design from an extensive gallery.
  • Our design experts offer fast turnaround times.
  • We deliver expert branding for your company.

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